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World Information Net on Weevils (WINoW)
   The Electronic Catalogue of Weevil Names is a project in progress.

   Ultimately it will contain all family, genus and species-group names in the Curculionoidea, a group of beetles with some 60,000 described species which includes many important insects, including the bark beetles (Scolytinae) and powder-post beetles (Platypodinae).

   Currently the database contains some 170.000 names, including all generic and family-group names, in their current taxonomic position, and based on Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal's (1999, 2002) catalogue of weevil family and genus names.  Species-group names are being added, but are not yet all present nor checked against original publication or current placement.

  NEW!!! The gathering of names from secondary sources is finished and considered complete as of 31st December 2012. We will continue checking names from the original sources and updating the nomenclature, deleting duplicates and unnecessary records, and adding new features to the display and contents to the database. We will be very grateful if any mistake or absence is notified.

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